Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And This is Why We Travel . . . .

Today's Lessons:

1.  What it really means to live in the middle of nowhere as we were stuck in traffic between Baker, CA and Primm, NV.  The kids wanted to just stop and get out of the car.  So I asked them, "where?"  They were well behaved after that but understandably tired of being cooped up.

2.  We saw really really big tires today on the back of a flat bed truck.  They were seriously bigger than my car and there were 6 of them.  I wonder what they were for?

3.  The children got to see and thank service men and women traveling over the holidays.  I tell them that there are people who don't get to be with their families at Christmas, but they actually got to see those men and women and thank them.  I hope this lesson and reminder stays with them for the rest of their lives.

4.  Connor learned to hand wash socks.  He forgot to pack his so I taught him to use a bar of soap and scrub them clean.  They are now hanging over the shower rod drying.

5.  Last but not least, to not be afraid of adventure.  We spent very little time packing and even less planning.  We jumped in the car sans Daddy (who has a hard deadline at work) and drove off for Las Vegas.  Not sure what's on the agenda, but we love adventure and we love our family.  We will get a little of both over the next 3 days.

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