Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scarred for Life?

Lainy Ann asking lots of questions about the rat dying. Being brave enough to look at it in the trap and listening to is squeak. I thought for sure she was going to cry or say ewww gross or be otherwise creeped out but she was very brave. In fact, she was braver than I. I was standing on the porch, much closer to the front door than the rat trap kind of peering towards the trap, but happily not able to see anything. But when I realized that Lainy Ann was courageously walking toward the rat with no fear I realized I had to brave too. For no other reason than to be able answer her questions later. I felt badly because some people keep rats as pets. Lainy Ann mentioned that. So we talked about domesticated pets versus wild animals and disease. I still felt like we had traumatized our child. But then I realized there are lots of children who start hunting at young ages. There are even more children raised on farms and aware of the need to kill animals for food or pest control (as in this case). I guess we sheltered her long enough. And since she han't asked about it since I guess it was time.

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