Saturday, November 5, 2011


Eleanor will be one in just a week. I just can't believe it. I am sure its because she is our last baby, but its just seems like this last year has flown by. I can't believe she was ever so little that I could put her somewhere and she would stay still. Nowadays she fights, yells and cries if I try to change her diaper or change her clothes. It seems she wants nothing to do with me, unless of course I am using the computer, in which case she wants to 'help'. She, just like the others, thinks she is big. She crawls into the boys rooms and will play legos with them or watch a movie with them. I find I get a lot of chores done in the kitchen in the early afternoon because she will follow around William and Alexander and play with them. Even when the kids are playing Just Dance on the Wii she will stand and dance with them. I am starting to think that the first year was the easy year. All the cuteness and bows and squishy loving. She would cuddle in my arms for hours. She would fall asleep anywhere. She was clean and perfect all the time. Now she prefers to sleep in her crib on her belly. So even though she is exhausted she will stay awake if we are away from home. She has stayed up until 10 pm just because she was so interested in the world around her. Fortunately she isn't too crabby either, she just kept trying to burrow into me and sleep. She is expressing her opinion, throwing tantrums, exploring the world around her. She gets dirty and pulls her bows off her head. She is no longer clean. But she has personality. She loves to laugh with Alexander. She loves to eat, everything. She is definitely learning. Her newest tricks are climbing stairs, nodding her head yes, listening to the word no and waving bye-bye. I think this next year will be interesting. I am so glad she is part of our family. She is still by far our easiest going child. I can leave her in the stroller for an hour at soccer practice or in the classroom while I volunteer. She isn't timid and is happy to be held by most everyone. As long as she is with her siblings she is perfectly happy. I look forward to getting to know Eleanor. But knowing her siblings and her personality so far, I know she will fit in just fine!

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