Thursday, November 3, 2011


Its all Orange and Green. Its why WIlliam had a*green* puppy cake for his birthday and Alexander had an *orange* A. Its why every day after school Alexander hands me drawing done with an orange crayon. Its why William goes to school in a green shirt most days and Alexander goes to school in an orange shirt.

I feel a little bad for them, honestly. We randomly assigned the colors to keep track of their bath towels. Then if I am buying 4 flashlights I make sure to give the green one to William and the orange one to Alexander, just so I can remember which belongs to who. But they have really latched on to these random colors. If we see something green at the store - a cup or toy - Alexander will tell me, "William needs this because its green." Just recently Alexander dissolved into screams in church during the Homily because William wouldn't take the green pencil. "William's pencil is GREEEEEEEEEN!!!!!" Connor was assigned blue, as the first born boy. Currently if he has a color choice it is red, or black or grey (which is just a light black). And Lainy Ann, who was assigned pink, has recently started preferring turquoise or yellow. Yellow happens to be her bff's favorite color. Eleanor has been assigned purple. I wonder how all that will work out. Especially since most days she is wearing pink.

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