Saturday, November 12, 2011

Food Connections

I really do love to be in the kitchen. I prefer to bake, but I have also been known to make Thanksgiving dinner. Its amazing how cooking really connects me to people, sometimes to people I don't even know. I like to show my love for someone through food. I find myself thinking and deciding on a special birthday cake months before a persons birthday. And other times when I am following a specific recipe I think of the person who gave me the recipe. My grandmother, who passed away 7 years ago, is always in my kitchen when we make Snowflake cookies. I hope that my children will remember their grandmother whenever they make Snowflake cookies. I think of my mom when I make turkey dinner and her famous cranberry sauce. I think of Caskey's grandmother when I make pumpkin pie or fudge - neither of which are as good as hers. Tonight I was making a new cupcake recipe, altered just a tad. It came to me without a name and since I changed it just a tad I feel like I should get to name it now. Ellie's Cupcakes, Elephant Cupcakes, in honor of the occasion we are making them for, hmmmm . . . . Next cake occasion is Papa's birthday. I think I really outdid myself with last years Peanut Butter Brittle cake. I wonder how I can top that?

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