Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cooks in the Kitchen

I remember as a young child helping my mother in the kitchen. She had the horribly ugly avocado-green pyrex nesting bowls. They were the perfect size and had a spout for pouring batter. Its funny that I ended up furnishing my own kitchen with modern versions of utensils in my mother's kitchen. In fact I went on an ebay hunt shortly after I was married for pink not-ugly pyrex nesting bowls. We mostly baked in my mother's kitchen, which is probably why I mostly bake now. I always knew I wanted to cook and bake for my children. Its such a good way to spend time together, demonstrate your love, and a yummy end result. When Lainy Ann was 9 months old I plopped her in the high chair in our first house so she could 'help' me bake banana bread, a Christmas favorite from my childhood. I mashed up some banana for her to eat while I made several loaves of banana bread. I still love making banana bread today and there are quite a few family members that want a small loaf whenever I get to baking. I even have one friend who is highly allergic to bananas, but she says my banana bread is worth the allergic reaction. So every Christmas the kids have helped with the holiday baking, as I did with my mother. But Connor has been enjoying baking so much that he will join me in the kitchen for no reason at all. We have started making muffins once a week. We make a double batch and store them for breakfast for a week or two. Connor is getting so good at reading a recipe that he does the majority of the work now. I help with filling the muffin tins and taking them out of the oven, but he does the rest himself, INCLUDING the clean up. I have even invited him into the kitchen to help be collaborate on birthday cakes. I wonder what his next kitchen accomplishment will be. Maybe I should teach him to make an entree.

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