Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chore Day

At the onset Chore Day doesn't sound like much fun. Invariably the kids complain and drag their feet and grumble. So I set out with clear expectations and a reward at the end. The always have the *option* of not participating in chores, but the alternative is less than fun - napping - no one wants to do that. Today we are doing chores in anticipation of Eleanor's First Birthday Party tomorrow. Rain is possible and although we have only invited our very closest family and friends, it still number 30 people; over half of those are children. Well, we don't live in a house that is fit for entertaining 30 people indoors. Therefore, we are working extra hard at clearing every extra inch of space, just in case. Connor has helped by making banana bread all on his own. Lainy Ann and Caskey had the unfortunate job of getting rid of squishy mildewy pumpkins. William helps intermittently, but I feel his primary job is to keep Alexander and Eleanor entertained. As we have processed through the day there have been gems of laughter and learning. Connor volunteered to clean the couch cushions. He even vacuumed it out and then vacuumed the rug. We taught him to use the vacuum properly, what all the knobs and switches do and how to even wrap up the cord correctly. Lainy Ann decided to learn how to make macaroni and cheese (the blue box). She made the entire dinner, minus draining the pasta. We had a few laughs too. Caskey spent a long time cleaning the desk and got a little territorial about it. I think he even growled when I tried to put some mail on the desk. Tensions ran high so there was no better way to break it than give Caskey a purple mustache. A nice twirly handlebar mustache! Don't worry, it was washable. The boys became jealous of his mustache so he mustached them as well, but their are in Sharpie! All in all it was a great chore day; banana bread, cupcakes, dinner, and a clean house, learning about cooking and vacuuming, and some mustache fun.

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