Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Car Key Miracle

I have seen many miracles in my life but none as pronounced as today. I was not sure whether to laugh or cry. As we were packing for our Thanksgiving road trip to Oregon we discovered the keys to the Monster Van were missing. We cleared the cobwebs from our brain as we back tracked and tried to remember the last time we saw them and where they were. That's when I vaguely remembered Alexander standing on the couch playing with the switchblade action on the key. He started to wander off with the key and I made a half-hearted attempt to stop him. As he got down off the couch I thought to myself, "that's going to be a problem later . . . . "

Turns out 'later' was today, the day we were packing the car for our road trip. Caskey was ready to pull the car forward so we could load up the back. Two hours later we had torn the house apart. Caskey and I have very different searching strategies. Caskey's strategy is dump everything, sort and walk away. My strategy is clean until everything is in its place and then you will have eliminated that spot. Clearly my way is the better way, especially when dealing with a small object. My strategy also has the added bonus of cleanliness even if you don't find the lost item. So we set out going through the house; Caskey first and I following (cleaning). We searched out all the hidey holes; under the bed, behind the chair, in the toy baskets. Eleanor was in heaven. She thought we were playing with her, so she would sit with us to get in on the fun. She also managed to sample some dusty bunnies along the way.

We gave up when it was time for the Thanksgiving Feast at Robbin's Nest and then at Monte Vista. Eleanor and I enjoyed the feast and indian hats. I smiled and made small talk while I was still racking my brain as to where we hadn't looked. I also continued to update Facebook with my woes, because misery does love company. My friends were very sympathetic and offered up prayers to St. Anthony. I started praying too. After all the eating, visiting and gathering of Thanksgiving crafts William and I headed home to see how the hunt was progressing.

At preschool I had already interrogated Alexander as to the whereabouts of the key and he gave me his I-am-too-cute-to-be-in-trouble-smile. So I decided to ask him again, thinking that being at the scene of the crime would help him remember. We walked into his bedroom where he started asking me about how clean his room was and that his bed had been moved. I told him I had done all that so I could look for the key. He points to the floor, the exact spot I had previously been sitting and digging books out from under the bed, and says, "There it is. The key." I have no other explanation than St. Anthony placed the key there on the floor for us to find, and more importantly for Alexander to find, so he could redeem his actions. I turned to Alexander, "So. Do we play with Mommy's keys?" He answers, "Yes." With that I-am-too-cute-to-be-in-trouble-smile.

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