Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advent, focusing on the reason

In an effort to focus on the reason for the season our family will be doing a series of Advent activities.  Our focus is on faith, family and charity.  I have spent a few weeks pouring over our family calendar and reading other's suggested lists as well, so I in no way take full credit for this list.  I have compiled the list here for more ideas for other families.

Go Tele-Caroling
Start Listening to Christmas Music
Start Decorate
Saint Nick's Day (December 5th/December 6th)
Make Fudge (and give it away)
Make Cookies (and give them away)
Ding Dong Christmas (kind of like Ding Dong Ditch, but when a Christmas treat)
Sing Joy to the World outside as loud as you can
Christmas Family Movie Night
Christmas Friends Movie Night
Toys for Tots - pick out toys at the toy store and take them to the police station
Choose charitable donation for the year
Look at Christmas Lights
Make cards for soldiers
Make Gingerbread
Put up Christmas Lights
Read Matthew 1-2 to your family
Read John 1
Look at old christmas pictures
Make Christmas ornaments

This isn't quite 4 weeks of Christmas since we are doubling up on a few of the activities.  A few Ding Dong Christmases and lots of family baking.  It occurs to me that we have stopped short of the Annunciation (January 8th).  I will need to go back and ensure we have activities through Christmas day and into January.

I am hoping in a few years I will have a reusable advent calendar that I can put slips of paper into so the kids are surprised each day with the focus of that day.  But this is a great start.  If you have any terrific ideas, please share them with me.  Or if you would rather, join us for movie night or baking.

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