Saturday, October 8, 2011

Remodeling: The Castle

Caskey proclaimed his little princess needed a castle when we first moved into this house. It took about a year to get it built. Lainy Ann 'helped' by fetching tools and painting with colored water while Connor watched from his exersaucer. Lainy Ann mostly ran and jumped and entertained Connor while Daddy worked.

Its been a few years and the castle needs to be updated. We are going to strip it to the studs, perhaps redesign a few pieces and recover it. We are debating on recovering with canvas versus plywood again. We are also going to do something different with the floor so the debris doesn't collect in it quite so much.

As with all things in our family, this project, although mainly Caskey's, has become a family affair. Caskey put Connor and Alexander to work pulling nails out of the studs and collecting them so they wouldn't be stepped on or get sucked up by the lawn mower. Connor has learned how to pull out nails properly at Adventure Park this summer. So they set to work, Connor using his muscle and Alexander organizing and counting on the walkway (William was at soccer). It was funny to think that when the castle was first built Connor had to sit idly by as an observer, but this time he will actually be able to participate in the demolition and construction. Eleanor will be the observer this time.

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