Saturday, October 1, 2011

Napping for moms

It was late afternoon when I sat down on the floor to sort and fold clean socks. The floor is the best place for this because we need 7 piles of socks and underwear. Then the baby wanted to nurse and I realized, I could nurse her while I lay down. So I laid on the floor with a pillow and nursed. When she was done she thought it was pretty funny I was laying on the floor. She kneeled over me, pulled my hair a bit and pinched my nose, she also poked me in the eye. In all fairness though, she does this whenever she is within arms distance of my face. She lost interest and crawled off in search of more exciting big kids.

I stayed on the floor.

With my eyes closed.

Lainy Ann saw me on the floor, asked me a question. I answered it, eyes closed, she left. Apparently its no big deal I was on the floor.

William came bounding over. He took great care to step over me (rather than go around). He asked me why I was on the floor, what was I doing with the blanket (covering up, of course). Once I satisfied his curiousity he wandered off.

Connor came over to ask a few questions too about the chores he was doing. He was very polite about bending down towards me to ask the questions. I answered them, he left. No mention of my lying on the floor.

Alexander came over. He also took great care to step over me, and succeeded. He pulled up my eyelid, peered in my eye, giggled, told me I was silly. He took my blanket away, laughed some more. Then he pulled the pillow out from under my head. *thud* Ow! He jumped on me a bit. I gave up. I got up.

I bent over to pick up my remaining laundry where he spanked me on the butt. *sigh* I like to think its his age of 3 years old, but he is also the funny guy, so maybe he was trying to get a laugh.

Oh well, nap over.

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