Friday, October 7, 2011

Bear Hunting

Caskey has told me over and over again that his sole job in our marriage is to protect me from bears. And since I have never been attacked by a bear (even in Big Bear while camping) that must mean that he is doing a good job. Um, yeah, us living in suburbia one mile from the wilderness has nothing to do with it.

Recently he has told me that a rat is hanging around our house at night, primarily near the trash can after dark. Well, its hard to *do* anything about it because its outside. The rat isn't living in the house. The rat can't get into our cans. So I have just been ignoring it more than anything else. Well, today we discovered a 'nest' of sort with apple pieces, oranges and a caprisun pouch on my engine under my hood. Apparently Mr. Rat hasn't been enjoying the cooler temperatures.

I'm done. I don't want it invading my car, even if its the outside of my car. So I told Caskey, "Well, you know, rats are just tiny bears." So my endearing husband has gotten us a rat trap and the kids are learning about the not-so-nice parts of life. He is saving me from the rats too.

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