Friday, October 14, 2011

Weird Love

Who knew that on January 1st, 1994 we would start on the adventure of our lifetime?

10 years of marriage is 7 children, 2 homes, 5 jobs, 1 Bachelor's Degree, 3 Master's Degrees, 5 baptisms, 43 birthdays, and one funeral. Its our anniversary by the numbers. We have been married for 10 years. But we have been together for 17 years. So, why does it feel like we are still newly in love? Why is it that nothing is more fun than making the other person laugh? Why is it that we are always on an adventure or being goofy?

I can't imagine a better partner in life. We truly are a team. We make one another better. We make it worth while. We make it fun.

I ran across this quote today. And I can't think of a better quote for us and for our marriage.

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”
― Dr. Seuss

So, the next time you see us wearing mustaches, having a water fight, telling one another 'I don't like you' or 'I can't wait until we can have separate bedrooms'. Just know that we have found our mutual weird partner and called it love.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Growing up

Do you hear that sound? Ssshhh. Listen closely. Yup, that's the sound of my heartbreaking. I remember breaking up with a boyfriend in high school and I thought *that* was heartbreak. Nope. Heartbreak is letting your kids grow up even though you want to swaddle them in a blanket and rock them to sleep at night, even if they are 8 years old.

Lainy Ann got her very own cell phone today. This summer we had experienced with a pre-paid phone and that went pretty well. She only uses it when we drop her off at lessons. She can't call her friends on the phone and she can't give out the number. When the phone is not in use it belongs in the communal cell phone area. We discovered buying her a new phone and paying the monthly on it would actually be cheaper than re-loading her pre-paid phone every few months. So, she is the proud owner of the $10 phone that had a full keyboard. It technically can do internet too, but don't tell her that. Maybe, some day, when she has 2 numbers in her age we *might* allow her to email from her phone. Maybe. But right now she can call and text a handful of trusted adults. Those same people that I put on the emergency list at school. She of course is ecstatic. As soon as we got home from the store she went and changed clothes so she would have a pocket for her phone. She has been chattering on and on about how to be responsible with it and has already been texting mom and dad. If this will keep up communication and teach her proper phone etiquette for her teen years, then its all worth it.

Connor also decided to break my heart today. He asked to stay home alone while I dropped Lainy Ann off at soccer practice. I wanted to say no, but then I remembered that Lainy Ann was 7 years old when she started staying home by herself for short periods of time. Even Lainy Ann advocated for him and said that he should be able to do (I am in trouble when they are both teens). So we went through the rules, I quizzed him and since it was a quick drop off and Caskey was going to meet me at the field I let him stay home. he should be home alone for 30 minutes at the most.

I called him halfway through his stay to make sure he was okay. He was so confident and sure of himself. He told me he had made himself a sandwich and was playing video games. Then he said goodbye and hung up on me.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Remodeling: The Castle

Caskey proclaimed his little princess needed a castle when we first moved into this house. It took about a year to get it built. Lainy Ann 'helped' by fetching tools and painting with colored water while Connor watched from his exersaucer. Lainy Ann mostly ran and jumped and entertained Connor while Daddy worked.

Its been a few years and the castle needs to be updated. We are going to strip it to the studs, perhaps redesign a few pieces and recover it. We are debating on recovering with canvas versus plywood again. We are also going to do something different with the floor so the debris doesn't collect in it quite so much.

As with all things in our family, this project, although mainly Caskey's, has become a family affair. Caskey put Connor and Alexander to work pulling nails out of the studs and collecting them so they wouldn't be stepped on or get sucked up by the lawn mower. Connor has learned how to pull out nails properly at Adventure Park this summer. So they set to work, Connor using his muscle and Alexander organizing and counting on the walkway (William was at soccer). It was funny to think that when the castle was first built Connor had to sit idly by as an observer, but this time he will actually be able to participate in the demolition and construction. Eleanor will be the observer this time.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bear Hunting

Caskey has told me over and over again that his sole job in our marriage is to protect me from bears. And since I have never been attacked by a bear (even in Big Bear while camping) that must mean that he is doing a good job. Um, yeah, us living in suburbia one mile from the wilderness has nothing to do with it.

Recently he has told me that a rat is hanging around our house at night, primarily near the trash can after dark. Well, its hard to *do* anything about it because its outside. The rat isn't living in the house. The rat can't get into our cans. So I have just been ignoring it more than anything else. Well, today we discovered a 'nest' of sort with apple pieces, oranges and a caprisun pouch on my engine under my hood. Apparently Mr. Rat hasn't been enjoying the cooler temperatures.

I'm done. I don't want it invading my car, even if its the outside of my car. So I told Caskey, "Well, you know, rats are just tiny bears." So my endearing husband has gotten us a rat trap and the kids are learning about the not-so-nice parts of life. He is saving me from the rats too.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Napping for moms

It was late afternoon when I sat down on the floor to sort and fold clean socks. The floor is the best place for this because we need 7 piles of socks and underwear. Then the baby wanted to nurse and I realized, I could nurse her while I lay down. So I laid on the floor with a pillow and nursed. When she was done she thought it was pretty funny I was laying on the floor. She kneeled over me, pulled my hair a bit and pinched my nose, she also poked me in the eye. In all fairness though, she does this whenever she is within arms distance of my face. She lost interest and crawled off in search of more exciting big kids.

I stayed on the floor.

With my eyes closed.

Lainy Ann saw me on the floor, asked me a question. I answered it, eyes closed, she left. Apparently its no big deal I was on the floor.

William came bounding over. He took great care to step over me (rather than go around). He asked me why I was on the floor, what was I doing with the blanket (covering up, of course). Once I satisfied his curiousity he wandered off.

Connor came over to ask a few questions too about the chores he was doing. He was very polite about bending down towards me to ask the questions. I answered them, he left. No mention of my lying on the floor.

Alexander came over. He also took great care to step over me, and succeeded. He pulled up my eyelid, peered in my eye, giggled, told me I was silly. He took my blanket away, laughed some more. Then he pulled the pillow out from under my head. *thud* Ow! He jumped on me a bit. I gave up. I got up.

I bent over to pick up my remaining laundry where he spanked me on the butt. *sigh* I like to think its his age of 3 years old, but he is also the funny guy, so maybe he was trying to get a laugh.

Oh well, nap over.