Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two Weeks

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Two weeks. It has been two weeks since Eleanor started crawling forward. She was doing this kind of shuffle backwards that always ended with her sitting on her bottom in the seated position. But when my dad and his family were visiting two weeks ago, (after she stopped crying hysterically at his bearded face) she crawled across the kitchen floor towards me. I was so glad that my dad and step-mom were here to witness it. Since they live in a different state they don't get to be around much for the 'firsts'.

In those two weeks Eleanor has become very adventurous. She has discovered the other rooms in the house and how much fun the boys room is. She has learned to pull to a standing position, cruise around the furniture and now she is starting to let go while she stands. I can't believe we went from crawling to standing unassisted in two short weeks.

But she still won't say mama . . . .

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