Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cooking Frogs

A few years ago I was infuriated that there was no homework the first few weeks of school. If there was homework it seemed to be review from the first semester of the previous grade. Of course I would extrapolate that to mean that the entire year would be underachieving. I would work myself up into a tizzy about how my child wasn't going to be challenged and that the year was going to be awful. I would rant and rave about our society and education today. I would hunt down private schools, peruse homeschooling websites and generally drive everyone around me crazy. One year I ended up in the principal's office in tears.

I have relaxed over the years. Just a little. For a few reasons; I realized I was just causing myself a lot of stress and there was truly nothing to be done. The second reason is the big one. Every single June I have looked back on the entire year and been happy with my child's education and experience, but I also remembered how worried I was in September. So I decided to just trust these teachers.

This year I am doing much better. I have taken advantage of the first few weeks of school by hanging onto a little bit of summer; video games and outings. We are getting into our routine slowly. I have given the kids 'my homework' to make sure they are still being challenged. Its been an enjoyable few weeks. Fourth grade is quite a bit more challenging and Lainy Ann has had some work, but still pretty minor so we have been focusing on getting school supplies and just getting into the swing of things.

But I read a blog about cooking frogs and how this homeschool mother takes that approach when she eases back into the school year. When you cook frogs you put the frog in room temperature water and slowly turn up the heat. If you put the frog into boiling water then the frogs will simply jump out. This mother teachers school in much the same way. She introduces a few subjects at a time over a three-week period. It occurred to me, that is exactly what my children's teachers are doing. They are all cooking frogs.

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