Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 35th!


Daddy turned 35 a few weeks ago. He has been pretty busy with work so we drove down to Google to have lunch and cake with him. The kids were so cute. The night before they all 'helped' with decorating the cake. Connor kept checking my work and giving me suggestions. The morning of daddy's birthday the kids all dressed in 'Googley' colors. They wanted to be festive for him.

I love this picture because I think it really captures our family. Lainy Ann in her fluffy tutu. She is up for any challenge as long as she can wear a frilly dress and bow. Connor in his astronaut shirt. He always tells me he will be an inventor one day. William in his monster shirt . . . . because . . . well, you know. Ellie covered in bows, ribbons and ric-rac and Alexander wearing a Formula One shirt that was handed down through all three boys.

Happy 35th Birthday, Caskey! I can't wait to start the next part of our adventure together.
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