Monday, September 19, 2011

A Daddy and his Princess

Caskey and Eleanor were sitting on the couch and Eleanor started "asking" for some of his chips, in her "ah! ah!" yell that she does. He was eating those yucky spicy chips; dijon mustard flavored. Yuck! He allowed her one chip because our kids are "spicy" he said. I figured one lick and that chip would come right back out of her mouth. So I watched closely. And it was gone. Eleanor needed another. "Ah! Ah!" with a point of the finger. This continued for a few minutes. He finally cut her off and said, "no more". I was prepared with a bit of sandwich to distract her.

But when Daddy said 'no' her world came crashing down. In slow motion she got the big eyes and the big frown and burst into full on tears! I couldn't believe it. I was so surprised that she is now understanding language and not getting what she wants.

But Caskey surprised me even more after that. He immediately rushed to her aid and said, "Don't cry, Princess" and gave her another chip. Daddy's are such softies with their daughters.

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