Wednesday, September 21, 2011

22 Belt Loops in 12 months

Last week was our first pack meeting of the new year. It was so strange to be sitting in the wolf section and seeing all the new tigers; young and excited and confused. I remember sitting there last year. Everyone seemed to know what was going on, the difference between a loop, patch and pin. They all raised their hand in the air when the cub master said, "Let's give him a big hand." (Get it, a 'hand' instead of applause. Har Har) This year sitting with the wolves, greeting everyone we hadn't seen over the long summer, hearing about popcorn sales and rocket day. It was all familiar. Connor worked hard over the summer and received 11 new belt loops, 4 pins and 3 patches, more than any other person in the pack. In 12 months he has earned 22 belt loops, 6 pins and another half dozen patches. I am so proud of all he has learned in the last year. And I am a little worried as to where we will put all the new belt loops.

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