Sunday, August 7, 2011

Legos for Babies

It seems Eleanor is indeed a Dickson. Up until now I wasn't so sure. I am obviously her mother, but there have been so many things about her that are so vastly different from my other 4 children. Her blue eyes, thumb sucking, happy go lucky attitude, sleeping through the night and generally a happy baby with no fear of strangers. She is just so easy going, so unlike my other kids. I even dragged her around Legoland for 4 days. The poor girl was strapped in her stroller or in the Ergo for 10 hours every day. She would smile and ask for food. But no complaining or whining at all.

Until Saturday. After days of entertainment at Legoland and playing with her siblings she found herself without them on Saturday. They had gone to Knotts Berry Farm without her. I got out a new toy and left her to playing so I could quilt. Nope. She wasn't having it. She was cranky. She didn't want to sleep, stand, sit, lay down, or play. She complained all day long . . . until I took her on a playdate with her Godmother.

On Sunday she was a much happier baby as we went shopping in the mall. She had all her siblings to entertain her as we did all of our errands. Once we got home she sat with her two oldest siblings; Lainy Ann and Connor, playing Legos. She had all the Duplos to herself. She got to sit and play in her big sister's room, a room that is usually off limits, and play like the big kids. Usually they play at the kitchen table, to keep the small pieces out of reach. But today she was in on the action. She squealed and hollered and laughed for almost 90 minutes. She went from seated to her belly and back onto her bottom again. A first for her.

Apparently she is like all the other Dickson kids. She needs to be in on the action and play with big kid toys. None of this baby-stuff for Miss Ellie.

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