Monday, August 29, 2011

Feather Wars


I received this picture as a birthday gift recently. You know you're old when you don't even remember a picture getting taken. It took a bit of hunting to put the pieces together. The date stamp says it is April 1995, we met January 1994. The craft glue and feathers tell you that we were doing some sort of project for Margaret once again. It could have been for her REP class or some other group she works with. She is always eliciting the help of her friends in some sort of charity project. Apparently, that day she used the teen helpers in her house.

But the part I like most about that picture is that it is a foreshadowing of our future. We are still silly and fun and outrageous. Most people don't get us. That's fine. It only matters that we get each other. Over the years we have done some outrageous things; usually involving chasing and empty wrapping paper tubes. Off the top of my head we have done crazy things like breaking a reclining chair (Sorry, Lainy). Something about tackling the other person and then falling onto the chair causing it to break. Another time I ended up in the pool fully clothed. There have been lots of in between fun too. Caskey is famous for his 'mustaches'. Usually he gets one from the gum ball machine, but he has been known to get one via sharpie (by me).

I love how full of life and passionate we are about everything. We have brought that into our marriage and have taught that to our children as well. Examples of this include the time I almost broke my arm when chasing around the house with ice and more recently the water fight at Alexander and William's birthday party.
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