Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Five Years

I used to set aside a birthday party day and the actual birthday day for each child to make them feel special. But that is getting more and more difficult. This year we had to celebrate William's 5th birthday at the Google Company Picnic at the beach. We started the day off at IHOP where he had ice cream for breakfast. I tried to convince him he needed pancakes, but daddy overruled that one and he had ice cream. Then we loaded up the car and went to one of the places I loathe the most - the beach. I dislike the beach. a lot. The sand, the heat (I burn) and we were going with a baby would get sand in all the crevices. Blech.

But we went and it was fabulous. I think it was one of the best birthday's William has had. The loved playing in the sand with his good buddies (another family was able to join us). There were games, and kites, all you can eat Italian Ice. A band of pirates came to the party for a meet and greet. And for the first time ever William spoke to a person in costume. Normally he runs screaming and crying at Halloween and Disneyland, but he actually hugged a pirate at the party.

It was such a perfect day. We had a bed, umbrellas, chairs and a canopy. The Eleanor and Courtney napped in the ocean breeze. Honestly, there is nothing better than that. William had such a great day that he thought the whole beach party was just for him. They even announced that it was his birthday over the loud speaker so people would come up to him and say "Happy Birthday, William".







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I'm excited about this next stage of his life. He has been teaching himself to read this summer and knows about 100 words. He will be starting Kindergarten at the same school as Lainy Ann and Connor, and since its a half day program he and I will get some one-one-one time which will be very good for him. He is starting his 2nd year of soccer and he just loves being on the field. He is also becoming a pretty great big brother to Alexander; their relationship is really developing and they are becoming partners in crime (which is bad for us). I can't wait to see who William becomes as he continues to grow up.

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