Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

The first day of school went great. Several weeks before school started we headed to Target for school supplies. I had consolidated the lists (3 of them) into one master list that had items and quantities. It took about 15 minutes of time, but so worth it. Since all the kids are getting bigger they were able to help gather supplies, "Lainy Ann, get 3 yellow highlighters". "Connor, you need 4 boxes of Tigonderoga pencils". "William, go get 4 packs of post-it notes". Caskey came with us so it was the ultimate tag-teaming. We were there at 8 am on a weekday so it went great.

Then a few days before school started we were able to meet the kindergarten teacher. That really helped put William (and me) at ease. He got to see the classroom, was excited about the bunny in his room, and I got to drop off the 15 pounds of school supplies (40 oz of hand sanitizer!!). Again, since the kids are getting older, they spent a good part of one days separating the remaining school supplies and putting them in their backpacks. They had a list so they worked together to count out pens and markers and sharpen pencils. Finally, the burden of school was transferring to them. I even had Lainy Ann help me pack Alexander's emergency bag for school (extra clothing).

On the first day of school I awoke refreshed at 6:30 am. Ellie nursed and went back to sleep so I could ready everyone in peace and quiet. I got up before everyone else that morning and lovingly made sandwiches for lunch, then I started on breakfast; scrambled eggs, sausage, and biscuits. Children got up one at a time and I directed them to the clothing I had laid out for them. I continued to pack lunches and made breakfast, sure the sausage was a little brown, but I was sending my kids off to school with a hot meal. We all sat at the table, all 6 of us, and ate breakfast together. A rarity in this house.

We got into the car and each child was delivered to their classroom on time, thanks to the new system of posting class lists the night before. The children greeted their friends and put their supplies away. I took several more pictures with my camer and phone so I could update the internet world on our going-ons. I had clever antecdotes to caption every photo. The first day of school was a success.

The second day of school: Eleanor woke up all night long every 2 hours. I woke up groggy but still determined to prepare breakfast and lunch for my family. This morning was bagels and fruit. I had gotten these bagels on sale and frozen them and defrosted them the night before. See, now I was a thrifty mom too. I started to slice the bagels and then my finger. My good mood was wilting. Now the kids are getting demanding, "Why isn't there peanut butter on my bagel?" "Because mommy is bleeding, dear." Except I may have yelled that last part.

I manage to muddle through the rest of my morning routine with only 9 fingers. We headed out the door mostly on time. Today I dropped the kids off and Lainy Ann and Connor were responsible for walking WIlliam to class. I watched them as I drove down the street. It seemed to be going okay. I tried to revive my good attitude by having a little one-on-one time with Alexander. We talked about his school and teacher. He is trying to remember her name. We worked on his enunciation. And then as I drove through an intersection the coin drawer (ashtray) in my car exploded. Money went flying everywhere and it made quite a ruckus. It starteld me so I slammed on my brakes. I started to look for the cause of the explosion. I hear a tiny voice from the back of the car, "sorry, mommy". Apparently he had a ball and decided to throw it into the passenger seat of the car. Except he missed and almost caused a car accident. They say cell phones are distracting, try driving around with 5 cranky kids. That should be illegal.

What happened to my great mommy-powers of getting everyone cared for with a good attitude? Maybe they will return tomorrow. Or maybe the first day of school magic allowed me to be super-mommy and now I am just me. I wonder what the 3rd day of school will bring . . ..

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