Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cluck, Cluck

Miss Ellie is full of all sorts of surprises. Although she has been saying da-da for quite a few months she has yet to make any other sounds. She has quite a few intonations and noises so I can tell if she is happy or sad or frustrated, but no ma-ma or ba-ba. She did however learn to cluck or tut, the clicking sound made by her tongue and the roof of her mouth. It cracks me up. If I cluck, she will cluck back at me. She also clucks after I give her kisses (maybe a response to the smooching sound).

I was lamenting about this to Caskey how she can't bother to say ma-ma, but she can make this strange clucking sound. He responded, "there is probably an African mother somewhere complaining that her baby can only say ma-ma and not cluck." So true.

She has also taken to chewing on her blanket. She will stick it in her mouth and hold it there. I'm sure she is just teething, but it reminds me of Lainy Ann chewing on socks when she was about the same age. Lainy Ann would grab a sock out of the clean laundry basket while I was folding and stick it in her mouth.


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