Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Please

This is going to sound dumb to most of the people in the world, but I feel like we don't have enough kids. Yes, I know. We have 5 living child and another 2 in heaven. That means each time we go to a hotel we need 2 rooms and most restaurants charge us a mandatory gratuity. But even so I would have like one or two more.

So I am just thrilled to death when I get to babysit one or two more kids for a few hours. I absolutely love it! Recently I got to have Miss Eva hang out with us for a few hours. I was thrilled to death. I know her parents felt bad for putting me out, but it really was a piece of cake. First off, I had already sent the older three kids off to summer camp. Connor and his belt loops were at Cub Scout camp and Lainy Ann and William were learning that "God is wild about us" at Vacation Bible School. That meant only 2 at home and with our guest for the day, that's only 3 kids. Heck. I was still ahead of the game with 2 less kids than normal!

Miss Eva has really gotten to know me over the last few months so she was perfectly happy to play with Alexander and Eleanor, take a nap in the play pen and share her PB&J sandwich with Ellie. With the three kids in the house that meant I had 3 kids under 3 years old. . . so close to the 4 kids under 3 years old I was supposed to have.

So I will continue to beg and plead for a chance to babysit and borrow our friends kids and they will feel guilty about it. But I just love having more kids in the house . . . . the more the merrier.

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