Saturday, July 30, 2011


Every since our trip to Adventure Park Connor has been obsessed with building. So we went to the $0.99 Store and I encouraged him to get his own box of tools. Then he went to Papa's house where he was able to acquire more tools. Then Daddy showed him where the scrap wood pile was . . . . . Let's just say every morning since then Lainy Ann has been outside with a clipboard and pencil, sketching the plans and being bossy, while Connor saws, hammers and builds. I have no idea what is being built. And they are all doing a good job cleaning up at the end of the day. The tools are being taken care of and after one firm punishment hammers are no longer being used as weapons.

Shortly after all the proper tools had been assembled Connor and Lainy Ann and Papa built there first project. It was a doll swing for Lainy Ann. Papa taught the kids how to use a power saw - complete with safety instructions. They made a simple swing and even painted it. I love seeing Papa pass on his knowledge to my kids.

Yesterday he continued his building at the beach. This time the medium was sand. Google had hired professional sand castle builders to entertain and teach the party-goers. So Connor set off to learn how to build a sand castle. He was with them for over an hour. At one point I asked him how things were going. He replied, "I am waiting for further instructions.". He is such a big man in such a little body.

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