Friday, July 1, 2011

Camping: At the beginning

I have fond memories as a child of playing in the back of our station wagon. We would drag all of our dolls, clothes, blankets and accessories down to the car and play "playpen" while being drug around to garage sales by our mother. Playing in the car with my sis and our dolls made chores seem so much more fun. We loved getting a chance to play in the car.

As I schlep back and forth from the house to the monster van with all of our 'can't live without' belongings for a 4-day and 3-night summer camping trip in the mountains I can see my youngest 2 boys playing in the car. They are challenging themselves to climb over the seats of the car while intermittently helping carry lighter things. They are so happy to play in the car and ignore all the stress and to-do's. What a simple and joyful life they lead.

As I dread this weekend; being so far from my bed, electricity and running water, I wonder what their perspective of the trip will be. Will they remember playing in the car? Maybe the s'mores will be the biggest hit? So I am going to swallow my grumbles and drinking an extra pepsi to cope. After all, the whole point of this trip is to make fun memories for the kids. This is certainly not my idea of a dream vacation. LOL

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