Thursday, June 16, 2011

You're Out.

William is, let's say dramatic, to say the least. When I tell him we are out of cream cheese for breakfast and he will have to eat peanut butter instead he throws himself to the ground, cries and proclaims, "this is the worst day ever". The same thing happens when I tell him to put on shoes instead of flip flops (school rules) and a variety of other mundane, not important things.

Tball started out great! Each child got a turn to bat. There were endless outs and children were allowed to stay on base. But as we have progressed through the season children are tagged out. Its a hard lesson to learn and some of the children end up leaving the field in tears.

Last week William was one of the first kids up to bat. He tried hitting the ball 4 times before it was deemed playable. He hustled and ran all the way to first only to be tagged out. I cringed and waited for the worst. Proclamations of "unfair" and "worst day ever". But he happily ran all the way to base, touched it with his foot, turned around and ran back to home to sit on the bleachers. No tears. No fuss. I was shocked. I couldn't believe he handled it with such maturity. My little man is growing up and will surely be ready for kindergarten in 12 short weeks.

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