Sunday, June 19, 2011


I know I say it a lot, but Alexander isn't your typical 2 year old. Between his older siblings and quiet contemplative personality. Its hard to remember he is just 2. He doesn't like to ride in the stroller. He helps carry groceries and other bags. He is a by myself kind of guy. And if you tell him no he just figures out a way to do it himself .. . Without permission.

Recently he was wanting to play the card game war with grandma. He found the cards, got them out and even divided them equally. Then in his sweetest voice and his most innocent smile he asked, "you play war with me?" Its really hard to say no to a boy with such innitiative.

Then he sat and played war with grandma. He knew each and every number and which one was bigger. The little guy is only 2. I am amazed at how capable he is.

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