Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thelma and Louise - Vegas Style

My darling, darling sister has decided to get married in Vegas. The problem with that is she doesn't live in Vegas and neither do I. That means over the next year I will be making a few quick trip to Vegas. Yes, technically its easier for me and I am closer. But I have baggage. Lots of it. Mostly because 5 tag-alongs create a lot of baggage.

This time though I was able to double my baggage. Somehow the planets aligned my best friend and I were able to take a 2 days, less than 48 hour trip, to Vegas. Two different school schedules and eight children and their schedules didn't slow us down. Really, it is quite shocking. So we loaded up the Monster Van - 8 kids; 8, 7, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2, and 7 months, and 2 moms (no ages needed) and headed east through the desert. We loaded the kids up on books, CDs, DSs and movies. When they got cranky we passed out cookies. Two potty breaks and we made it to Primm, Nevada for McDonald's (but only because we accidentally blew through Baker, CA). A short while after that we made it to Vegas!

But since we have 2 kids in diapers, we split the difference at potty breaks. Which means Melanie ends up shuffling 6 children to the bathroom by herself. I luck out with the diapered children since I have to nurse one of them. We are getting quite the looks as we walk around with a gaggle of kids. Add to that my step-sisters and the grand total is 10 kids. At one point I ended up at the pool - me and 8 children, 4 of which who couldn't swim. We look like a train as we walk through the casino. We buddy them up; one mom in front and one in the back.

As much work as it is its a ton of fun too. A few snippets from our trip so far: Joe grabbing each of the littler boys in bear hugs after knocking down pins during bowling, watching the boys play with each other (lovely boy games like fart sound and sword fighting), Lainy Ann playing quiet games with the little girls, Lainy Ann whispering with the big girls (my step-sisters), and Madelynn playing peek-a-boo in the car as we drove across the desert.

I'm exhausted. My voice is hoarse and I think I got a little too much sun. But I won't remember any of that in a few years. I will remember being with my best friend and her children. I adore them. And they adore my kids. What a great blessing to be able to give to my children - fast friendships.

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