Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stealing Rose Bushes

Some times I have a moment with a friend that reminds me of Lucy and Ethel or Thelma and Louise. This was one of those moments. Its such a small moment too - just 45 minutes. Nothing crazy or illegal. But such a perfect example of our friendship.

Months and months and months ago I mentioned to my friend that I wanted 'real' rosebushes in my yard. Not those fake iceberg roses you see all over town. She mentioned that she wanted the iceberg ones instead of her real ones. So I told her I would take her roses when it came time to dig them up.

Fast forward a few months and she send me an email. "Found your roses. They are in Glendale. They are free. I am picking you up at 7:45 am. I will dig them up but you have to come along for moral support.". Its been weeks since I have gotten a good night sleep and I was thoroughly looking forward to staying in bed until 9 am on Saturday. Because it would be the last day for another several weeks that I would be able to sleep in. Plus I was worried about having to water the newly transplanted roses.

But I got up, had some breakfast and had breakfast for my friend. We hopped in the car at 7:45 leaving all the kids home with Caskey (something he wasn't too thrilled about either). We descended on this home that had a dozen or more mature rose bushes. We weren't the only ones there with shovels digging up rose bushes. We had our gloves, clippers and box to put them in. In just a few minutes we left with 5 rose bushes. At home we were just as lightening fast. We dug 5 small holes, planted them and watered them. My friend was gone an hour after she arrived. She is like a ninja-gardener. Lightening fast and effective.

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