Friday, May 6, 2011


Today was the annual Mother's Day Celebration at the preschool. Over the years there have been a variety of themes; Tea with Mom, Flowers for Mom and this year Mom is a Star - Hollywood themed. I like to do the crafts with the kids individually, just mom and child, its so rare that we get some one-on-one time. Its hard negotiating who will go first and explaining to the youngest child that I will be back to do the fun stuff. I spent the morning talking it through with William, 4 years, and preparing him for being left to wait with the teacher while I complete crafts with Alexander. But when we got to school Alexander ran off and sat with the children to watch a movie. A bit of coaxing failed so I left him to watch the movie and do crafts with William first.

William made me a "Best Mom" trophy and we made a movie snack and took a picture wearing a feather boa. I went back to get Alexander for our special one-on-one time. It was hard getting his attention. I finally had to beg him to take a picture with me. Afterwards he ran right back to the movie room. Since I was running late for another school activity I let him go. Such a perfect example of child #4 and totally neglected during the Mother's Day Activities. When Lainy Ann was 3 years old we completed each and every activity, some of them twice.

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