Friday, May 6, 2011

Broken Record

The other morning as I was hollering the same instructions I holler every morning I exclaimed, "Ugh! I sound like a broken record". To which Connor said, "Huh?!' It caused me to dissolve into giggles. He has absolutely no clue what a record player is and by the time he is a teen he will be buying music electronically - none of these albums or singles to worry about.

So I launched into an explanation of records and record players. I told him how they got scratched and would get stuck repeating the same few words over and over. I was able to reference our recent trip to a radio station. It surprised me when he said, "Oh, you don't mean record like Guiness Book of Records."

I'm starting to feel old . . . . "back in my day you had to buy music at a store. You had to get up to change the channel."

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