Monday, May 9, 2011

Breakfast: Kid Style

Mother's Day!

Happiness is being surprised with breakfast in bed of raisin toast (garnished with whipped cream and Reeses Pieces), a bran muffin (also garnished with whipped cream and Reeses Pieces) and a bowl of, you guessed it, whipped cream and Reeses Pieces and fruit flavored mentos.

This may have been my favorite Mother's Day yet. Even better than the year I got a new laptop, or the year Caskey got up with the kids and took them to the park and let me sleep until 10 am, or last year when I got my handprint canvas. Because this year my kids were in charge. Lainy Ann and Connor spent the week counting money, planning trips to the store and then finally on Sunday morning, they rallied the troops and made me breakfast in bed. They surprised us both since Caskey was still sleeping too.

I was attacked in bed with kisses and hugs and paper cards and homemade picture frames. Breakfast was a real, um . . . surprise as well. They found all their own favorite foods and made them into breakfast for me. Fortunately, they were also willing to help me eat it all up!

I am really enjoying this next stage of kid-dom. I love that they are more in-charge of life, more responsible. I am really enjoying watching them become their own person.

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