Friday, May 27, 2011

Almost 7 months

And I want it to slow down. Its hard to believe that just about a month ago Eleanor was blossoming all in one day. We went for her 6 month well-check and the doctor raised an eyebrow about the fact that Eleanor hadn't rolled over yet or started blowing raspberries. I went to lunch with my good friend after the appointment and as we sat there chatting about the absence of raspberries, Ellie went to town. She has continued to blow raspberries every day since, especially when I am feeding her, resulting in a shower of sweet potatoes or pureed peas.

That night I put her to bed on her back. (I'm still in awe that I can lay her in her crib awake and she falls asleep on her own. None of the other 4 kids did that.) A few hours later for her next feeding she was pretty mad to wake up and find herself on her tummy. Ever since then she rolls onto her belly every night to sleep, but can't figure out how to get onto her back when she wakes back up.

But now she has an opinion. I gave her a new toy and she wants to stand up and play with it. She gripes at me when I am eating my food - because I should be sharing with her. She has started jabbering at me now. It sounds a lot like she is telling me what to do and how to do it. She is da-da-da-ing and na-na-na-ing. Next will be ma-ma-ma, I hope.

I long for the time when she was 4 months old and could sleep anywhere. I loved that she was an accessory and a play thing for me to dress up and pose. But that's all over now. I find myself planning to be home for her nap time (at least most days) and wiping the stickiness off of her after meal time. She has even managed to yank her bows off her head, but only when she is tired or mad. I see the days of party dresses and big bows and sweet-smelling baby disappearing quickly. In its place will be a rough and tumble toddler; taking after her older brothers. At least she will still wear the party dresses for pictures, right?

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