Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Me Need Mommy"

When we first had our children Caskey and I vowed to vacation once a year. We did a pretty good job the first few years. Then we fell off the wagon. William was born in the summer and things just got too busy. We decided we would rather spend our vacation money doing things with the kids. So its been about 4 years since we have really vacationed without the children. We still go out every once in a while. The kids spend the night with grandma, but I have never been away from the kids for more than 24 hours, excluding the 2 times I have been in the hospital having a new baby.

But my mother convinced me to vacation in Atlanta, GA with Lainy Ann, Connor and Eleanor for one week. And by some miracle my husband agreed to work from home for the week and take care of William and Alexander. So for the first time our family is separated for an entire week. For the most part we do everything together; tball practice, scout outings, vacations, everything. There are always tag alongs (except for actual in class/school activities). Even when Caskey took the big kids camping for the weekend he was only gone for two nights.

Its been a great trip so far and even though I still have 3 kids with me, its a bit of a break since the kids that are with me can feed, bathe and dress themselves. I get a little more grown up conversation and a little more space, fewer messes to clean up and extra adults to help with baby Ellie.

I have been able to video conference with my littlest boys who were left home. It makes me feel better, but I think it upsets them more. Little Alexander was really happy to see me, but the first thing out of his mouth was "Me need mommy" Followed by a quivering lower lip and a few sniffles. Why is my 2 year old trying not to cry? Even worse, why did I leave and make him cry? Ugh! Mommy Guilt.

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