Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me Name Xander

"Me hide crackers in my hand" says Alexander after I tell him no crackers. And just now he brought me a spoon and a jar of jelly. I guess since we eat Peanut Butter Spoons (thanks Aunt Cristina) he thought we could have Jelly Spoons too.

He is the only child in the entire preschool who gets rewarded with candy for using the potty. And occasionally if he is having a rough day he gets an extra hug from Miss Vicky, a teacher who is several doors down.

At baseball practice the men stand around the field joking with me and saying that the scout is coming today to check out his arm. He walks around with his glove and hat giving people his baseball and asking them to throw it. The most amazing part is that people will play catch with him. Complete strangers will include him.

Just the other day in the car when he was invariably being naughty he replied "Me so cute" with that smile that is so hard to resist.

Little Alexander. The one who knows he is cute and uses it to his advantage. That one will be trouble, just wait and see.

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