Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Size: Extra Small Adult


My baby girl, yes I can still call her that (she said so), is 8 years old. Each and every year I am amazed that another year has gone by. She is so very grown up now. I think she only keeps me around to do laundry, grocery shopping and pay for things. In the morning she gets up to her alarm clock, makes her breakfast and gets ready for school. Then in the afternoon she does all her homework, keeps track of it and does well in school. She is doing a great job of balancing being a child and responsible at the same time.

She adores soccer and had a chance to play spring soccer this year. Now she can't wait for fall soccer to start. She is always reminding her siblings about rules and "the right way" to do things. And she is happy to jump in and help with chores or ask "mommy, how can I help you". I truly have no concerns about what a great mother/adult she will grow up to be.

But like most mothers and daughters, we both have to survive to her adulthood. She is strong-willed like her mommy with a definite opinion on everything. I think she is teaching me (patience and to hold my tongue) as much I am teaching her.

For her birthday we took her best little girl friend and all of our family to Disneyland. We ate at Ariel's Grotto and then watched World of Color. I had decided to get her a new sweatshirt while we were at Disney. I was thinking a cute pink hoodie with Tinkerbell on it would be perfect for her. As the day wore on it was getting dark and cooler. I found an adorable blinged out Mickey sweatshirt. But there were no Youth sizes. I hunted all over for a child's sweatshirt. We decided to try the extra-small and it fit. I couldn't believe my 8 year old girl; 4'6" fits into an extra-small adult sized sweatshirt.

Its just the beginning of a whole new set of wardrobe milestones; some I am not sure I am ready for.

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