Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasures in the Attic

In high school I was so reluctant to get rid of my 'stuff'. I kept everything; math notes, drafts of essays, text books, letters from friends in which we discuss what we should eat for lunch. Some really silly stuff. But tonight I came home with many many treasures for my children. I cam home with 2 big boxes of books. All my favorites from when I was a child; "Velveteen Rabbit" and "Sweet Valley Twins". I am hoping that my avid readers will enjoy these for a few months and save my pocket book a little.

I also found my old Cabbage Patch Dolls; well, my 2 and one of my sisters. My mother tried to tell me I couldn't take it since it belonged to Allyson, but I reminded her that Allyson wasn't making much use of it in the attic. When Allyson has her own little girl we will pass these treasured dolls onto her. I remember going to the grocery store and making a playpen out of the shopping cart for our dolls. We would do the same thing in the trunk of our station wagon. We would spend Saturdays going garage sale hunting (read: bored out of our minds since we were young children). We would bring along our dolls to entertain ourselves, back before there were nifty hand-held electronics.

But my two most treasured finds were dresses that my sister and I wore when we were babies. I just adore the red one that I wore when I was about one year old. And my mother made us matching sister dresses. We could only find Allyson's from when she was an infant and it fits Eleanor perfectly.

We found a few other hand made items; a clown costume and a Christmas dress. I tried squeezing Lainy Ann into the Christmas dress and although it fit in the length, the body was too slim. I guess that is proof positive that she gets her body-type from her daddy. But she gets her good taste in dolls from me. She is adoring her new old Cabbage Patch Dolls.

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