Saturday, January 8, 2011

Skating for a Belt Loop


Scouts has been really fun for our whole family. It has a pretty strong 'at home' component. Caskey and I firmly believe in exposing our kids to as many experiences as possible. So the challenge of belt loops has been a great one for our family. It is essentially a to-do list of fun activities for the whole family. About a month ago we found we had a free weekend so we organized Art Belt Loop day with another family. We visited a museum, did a few art projects and 4 hours later we had tons of fun with friends and Connor had a Belt Loop and Pin. This week, since the kids are still out of school, we conquered the Roller Skating Belt Loop.


Conquering is exactly the correct word. The other mother who came along on our adventure was a little apprehensive about the injury aspect of skating and wanted to wrap her kids in bubble wrap. My issue was taking all the kids along and helping them all at the same time. In the end poor Alexander went to preschool (and was happy to do so) while I took the other 4 kids skating. Eleanor knew her job and stayed sleeping for most of the skate session so I could help the other kids.

But initially the skating started out much like ice skating with Lainy Ann did 3 years ago. She whined and complained and was terrified of falling. Lots of screaming and proclaiming she couldn't do it. She tried giving up 20 feet into it, but I told her she had to go all the way around the rink at least once. Connor was a trooper, he figured out how to hold onto the wall and pull himself along the whole way around. William was content to have one hand on the wall and the other hand in mine.

I was pretty impressed after one trip around the rink Connor was on his own. He wanted nothing to do with me and he just kept practicing and trying harder and letting go of the wall more often. Lainy Ann practiced on the carpet for an hour after that and then made her way back onto the rink and did great - she was a lot more confident. William and I just kept going around in circles. He really liked holding my hand and slowed down considerably when he was on his own. He never complained and he just kept on going. But near the end even he was skating on his own (if you don't count the wall).

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The kids, of course, are already talking about getting a pair of roller skates and going back. At $50 for a 3 hour session for the four of us I'm not too enthused to go back anytime soon . . . at least not until William needs his belt loop.

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