Saturday, January 8, 2011

Potty Training Version 4

I had grand plans when I found out I was pregnant with Ellie. I thought for sure I would be able to potty train Alexander before Eleanor arrived, after all, this would be our biggest gap between children at 27 months apart. Since the other kids started showing potty interest at about 20ish months and were all trained by 28 months - add to that his "I'm a big boy" attitude. Well . . . . I figured it would be easy-peasy to get Alexander trained.

NOPE! Just like all the Dickson children they are bound and determined to do what they want when they want. He showed a bit of interest but couldn't stay dry for more than 15 minutes. So I gave up the challenge for the summer and figured the example of the other kids in his class would be enough. I told the preschool teacher I was on board and would follow through at home with any training that was happening at school. September came and went, then so did October. Each time he was asked to sit on the potty he had an emphatic NO!. There was no real reason to push since I would be having a baby any day, so he got off easy once again.

But 2 days before Christmas break and our road trip to Oregon he decided to start peeing in the potty. Can you believe the timing?! At home I half-heartedly asked him to use the potty and rewarded with candy each time, but I was not pushing the issue. I did not need a 2 year old in underwear as we attempted to drive 1,000 miles north in one day. The next morning he woke up and stood to pee in his tiny training potty. His aim was a little off so he stopped peeing adjusted his body and continued to pee. That's when I knew he had been fooling us all along with his cute dimpled and adamant "no!" - this child had bladder control.

Over Christmas break and vacation it was more of the same - not really pushing the issue, but anytime he asked to use the potty we let him and rewarded his success with candy. On his 2nd day back at preschool he stayed dry the entire day. He wore a diaper, took it off himself to potty and then had a teacher put it back on again. I still wasn't ready to take the plunge of chasing around a potty training toddler and tending to the needs of a nursing newborn. So on Saturday it was more of the same. By the the end of the day I realized he was still wearing the same diaper, he had peed all day long and some times he even went in on his own accord to use the potty.

Seems like we will be breaking out the underwear soon and I will have a potty trained little man by Easter!

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