Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Leave Eleanor


Its been really amazing to see the new sibling dynamic in our house now that we have gone from four children to five. I thought for sure Alexander and William would be resentful. I expected a tad of jealousy from Lainy Ann. The reality has been far different and I don't think I could have predicted it.

William has adopted Eleanor as his own personal pet. He sings to her and checks up on her. I caught him laying on the floor with her the other day and I asked what he was doing. He said "I'm petting Ellie". Recently he and Lainy Ann got into a screaming match over what Eleanor's favorite song was.

Lainy Ann is loving having a sister too. She helps me pick out bows and outfits. They even share hair bows. She has had a few moments of uncertainty and has said "just because you spend more time with Eleanor doesn't mean you love her more, right" and "But I was your first princess, right?" We have been sure to reassure her of her place in our family as our oldest daughter.

Even Alexander has gotten into the action as an older brother. I expected him to mostly ignore Eleanor or regress, maybe even act out. Last night though my mother was holding Eleanor as she said goodbye to the kids. Alexander ran up to my mom and said, "no Eleanor leave". Apparently even he knows Eleanor's place in our family.

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