Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Husband Left Me

The day Eleanor turned 18 days old Caskey returned to work. It was wonderful having him home and tag-teaming getting kids ready for school and into bed. It was glorious heading back to bed for a nap at 8:30 am while my husband took the kids to school. But I knew he was itching to get back to work. On Monday he headed into the office and I readied myself for a long day of child-wrangling and after school activities and bedtime. Imagine my surprise when my husband texted me at 1 pm and said, "I can go to San Francisco the rest of the week [for work], right?" I quickly scanned the calendar and while it was chock full of daily activities none of actually required his attendance. As a good wife should I replied, "sure, just tell me what time I should drop you at the airport."

I'm sure I should take it as a compliment that my husband felt confident enough in my parenting skills to leave me alone for a week with our 5 children; the newborn being less than 3-weeks old. We managed okay, if you don't count sleep deprivation and the kids skipping a few nights of baths. However, I was very, very happy when he got home and I celebrated with a nap.

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