Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Lego Christmas


I remember my first Lego toy; it was a airplane hosptial and matching ambulance. It had several nurse and doctor figurines plus a stretcher. I remember my sister and I playing with it for hours. Later in my early adulthood years my then boyfriend Caskey and I would buy Lego kits and spend evenings putting them together. Just after we were married we tackled a 2 1/2 foot tall figurine. We had purchased the kit at the Lego Store near Disney California Adventure. We used every available cereal bowl in the house to sort and seperate the Legos. It took us weeks to finish. That same (now, very dusty) Lego man is still standing in our bedroom.

The love affair with Legos has been passed on to our children. I still remember the first assorted Duplo box I bought for Lainy Ann. I bought another box for Connor when he was about 2 years old. Connor graduated to the grown up Legos by the time he was 4 1/2. And just this last summer we made sure he had his very own Lego space in our bedroom - safe from little hands that are eternally attracted to choking hazards. Now Connor and Lainy Ann (mostly Connor) will spend hours building and even more hours pouring over his Lego Magazine. It was no surprise that "Legos" was at the top of his Christmas List.


When I was first born my mother started a tradition of getting my sister and I an ornament each year. She always told us that when we grew up and moved out we would have a whole house of Christmas ornaments. And I do. I have also started the same tradition with my own children; so you can imagine how many ornaments we have now. I try to chose an ornament that is representative of an accomplishment during the year. Those years that the accomplishment is less concrete we fall back on the old standby of picture frame ornaments. After our big Lego year it only seemed fitting that this years ornament be a Lego ornament.

There are many different kinds of Lego ornaments, most of them sold by the Lego company. They are some sort of globe with a minifigure inside or other already made Lego sculpture. But I found online instructions for making Lego ornaments. Not only could we have a memento for our tree, we would be able to make ornaments for our friends, and it would be a great family activity. I am very pleased with the end results. We all sat down and worked together on the ornaments, of course Alexander and I worked together. But the rest of the family was able to make their own ornaments. Caskey even made a Googley-ornament with the leftover pieces.

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