Friday, December 10, 2010

Chewelry - Product Review

I don't normally post about my children's uniqueness, but I am making an exception this time in case this can help someone else. William has always been very oral. He kept his bottle extra long, and his pacifier too. Even when we finally weaned him from the pacifier he just supplemented by putting his fingers in his mouth or toys. Over the year he continued to find ways to sooth himself orally; he chews on his clothes, coins, toothbrush, spoon, anything he can get his, um, mouth on.

At some point it we realized it wasn't doing any good to discourage him because he was putting things in his mouth that were unsafe. Instead it was better to give him something he could chew on. After talking to a few speech therapists and Autism experts we found Chewelry. We purchased him the green rectangular necklace. I knew we made the right decision when we gave it to him and he said "Thank You mommy!" He had the biggest smile on his face when he realized he could chew on it anytime he wanted.

I knew it was working when he would ask me where his necklace was and seek it out. The only problem with the necklace is that the 'string' part is not made to be chewed on. A few times when William did chew on it he chewed right through it. So I contacted the company and asked them if I could buy an extra string. The customer service representative was so nice that he sent out a new string and an extra necklace. We got it in the mail in just four days. I highly recommend their products and the Pediatric Supply company even more.

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