Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I Love Mindy

There are many reasons I love Mindy; her coupon clipping, her craftiness, and her endless energy. Seven years ago I wanted to buy a giant stork and put it in our yard to announce Lainy Ann's arrival to the whole neighborhood. But Caskey was paranoid it would be an announcement to kidnappers where the prettiest baby girl was living. They would break into our home and steal her. (I have since found out that he just said that to keep me from buying the stork.) Then we had 3 boys and 3 more reasons to not put signage in our yard announcing baby's arrival; cost, time, etc. There was always a good reason to not do it.

But today the whole neighborhood knows about our newest bundle of joy, Eleanor Marie. Thanks to Mindy. She snuck over to the house and decorated the front door to welcome home little Ellie. You are the best friend a mom can have.

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