Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Punishments that Backfire

*sigh* I think these children of mine are too smart for me. I remember posting a few years ago about a punishment for Lainy Ann that backfired. She was so pleased that she was responsible for herself for a full 24-hours. Well, it seems Connor is following in her footsteps.

Last week Connor was acting up in the car, being wild and disrespectful. We were one-block from our destination. So I stopped the car and told him he had to walk the rest of the way. I was hoping that he would realize that riding in the car is a priviledge and he needs to be respectful to me as the driver of the car. Nope. He was thrilled to death. He got out of the car and immediately ran into a friend from school. So they raced half-way down the block. I followed him the whole way in the car watching his big silly grin.

The next time he got in the car he asked, "Can I walk?" *sigh* Backfire . . . . again.

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