Sunday, November 7, 2010

$1 of Fun

I know I am only 39 weeks pregnant, but I feel like I am over due. And with the swelling and pain . . . . well, I haven't been too enthused to leave the house. That plan isn't working so well for my 4 energetic kids, so today we went out to breakfast and then to the dollar store to let the kids pick out one of anything they wanted. That's quite a daunting task for kids. We must have spent 30 minutes just browsing and looking and deciding. Of course I ended up with a few things myself (books and writing paper for the kids). Caskey had his own stash; a new light up toy and paper coin wrappers. He told me it would be a great fun activity for the kids. I figured it would go the way of folding laundry . . . . everyone folds 4 items of clothes and then they wander off or start fighting. But since it was only a dollar, we gave it a shot.

Other prized possessions included balls for Alexander (of course), planes for William (of course), a foam poster board for Lainy Ann and she convinced Connor (of course) to buy 'crystals' or glass beads. I still have no idea what the plan was, but they spent quite a bit of time conspiring and discussing it.

The rest of the day has been spent with our newest treasures. All the kids sat with daddy at the table first sorting the money, then counting out stacks of 10. They talked about foreign currency, flat pennies (from theme parks) and game tokens. They spent 2 hours sorting, counting and wrapping. Now I have $50 of money I didn't have before! :-)

During nap time Lainy Ann and Connor did who knows what with their treasures. They were entertained and quiet for several hours and that right there is the gift.

Now that the sun has set the little kids are playing with the light up toy together. The money and time was well spent at the Dollar Store today. Less than $10 has bought me hours of (semi) quiet playtime.

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