Monday, October 18, 2010

Scout Hike

I have been hesitant to write this post mostly because its all 3rd person. Since I am in my 9th month of pregnancy I have gotten out of all the fun scout activities this month. Although the morning of the hike I was grateful, I really am missing being there with my kiddos as they experience all of these fun things for the first time.

Connor is a cub scout this year and its a whole new ball game for us. First off, I am a girl, so I was never in cub scouts. I never had any brothers who were in cub scouts. And girl scouts is entirely different. This has been a real learning experience for us the past few months. I spend hours pouring over the Tiger Den handbook and reading about the belt loops on the website. Then I check our schedule and see how we can fit in these activities and if any of them coincide with the girl scout try-its, so Lainy Ann can get credit too.

But recently I had a day off from scout planning. The pack leader had organized a Pack Hike - they picked the location, learning points and figured out the appropriate award. All I had to do is make sure the kids had a sack lunch and appropriate hiking clothes. That in itself was a bit of a challenge. It doesn't get very cold in California, so we don't invest in heavy duty cold weather wear. If its going to be that cold, we just stay home and change our plans. Well, apparently scouts are tougher than that and will hike even if its raining (okay, to be honest it was more of a drizzle).

Lainy Ann, Connor and Daddy set off on a 2 mile, mostly level hike, to a waterfall. I was thankful for the cool weather so I didn't have to worry about dehydration or sunscreen. I had to spend a bit of time explaining to Lainy Ann why we wouldn't be taking an umbrella. But since she was excited to be doing 'big kid' stuff she was pretty agreeable. I dressed the kids in shorts, long sleeves and raincoats, worried that Daddy would end up carrying the coats the entire time. Daddy had on his emergency/outdoor gear with all the pockets and a first aid kit and even waterproof matches, just in case. I couldn't pick a better or more well-prepared person to take my kids hiking.

Then they left. They were out of cell range and I had to hope for the best. So the rest of the story is all second-hand from Caskey.

It was quite a large group, 50+ people. Each person picked up trash as they walked in the true nature of scouting. At the midpoint of the hike they all stopped and ate lunch at the waterfall. Apparently the older scouts took this opportunity to splash and play in the water, even though it was 58* and drizzling. On the way back down the hill they had to cross a river 2 or 3 times. Connor-man was happy to walk through the river knee deep. brrrrrrr My princess on the other hand hopped from rock to rock as Daddy stood knee deep in the water holding her hand. Apparently older scouts had brought a change of socks which seemed smart, but on second thought what good are dry socks if the shoes are wet . . . .

I am so impressed that my kids stuck with it. Connor apparently did quite a bit of whining near the end, but I don't really blame him. What miserable conditions. Caskey tells me that near the end of the hike he looked back to check on Lainy Ann who walk walking along silently . . . . she was quietly walking with tears streaming down her face. :-( My poor sweet girl. I am so proud of her though. Just that simple act showed me how much she has matured in the last few months.

I wonder how camping will go . . . . .

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