Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not Camping

This weekend Daddy has taken Lainy Ann and Connor camping. *thud* Yes, you can pick your jaw up off of the floor. Sure, we embark on adventures in this family. But all adventures include indoor plumbing and beds. This is our first real adventure; in the wild, peeing in porta-potties, campfires, hiking, and sleeping on the ground.

As with other scouting stuff this month I got out of it since I am nearly 38 weeks pregnant. I have a hard time sleeping in my own bed much less on a cot in the woods looking for a toilet every 2 hours. So I stayed home with William and Alexander. Honestly, I think its best this way. Alexander is still very much in need of his schedule and routine and William still gets scared pretty easily.

William was a little disappointed staying home, but I decided to make it fun for them too - and relaxing for me, so I don't go into labor. Friday night the kids snacked for dinner; granola bars, yogurt, a few chicken nuggets. I parked myself on the couch and the kids grazed and watched too much tv. I treated myself to a Netflix movie in bed and called it a very early night. It was great!

Saturday morning the kids had danishes and yogurt for breakfast. Then playdates all day. First friends at our house; while the mom and I chatted and folded laundry, then naps, then an afternoon Halloween party with close friends. It was so wonderful going over there in sweats and just sitting and relaxing. The kids had juice and cake and hot dogs. They were in heaven. We stayed extra late so bedtime was easy. Then William and I had date night. We snuggled into Mommy's bed and watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and then he slept with me all night. He was in heaven!!!!

Sunday morning was a breakfast of popcorn and tootsie pops and yogurt. Yup, we have already started digging into the Halloween candy. My only goal for the day is to grab a shower before the campers get home.

We have been so busy this fall that it has been nice to relax and do nothing. No real plans, lots of tv and all of our favorite foods. I wouldn't say we are camping per se, but it is definitely a departure from our normal routine. A very welcome one at that!

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