Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Cleats

I don't know how it works for your AYSO region, but in Region 88 the team mom takes on the responsibility of snacks, banner, collecting money, and the end of the year party. She is the secretary of the team. The coaches job is usually just to coach and lead practice (for U6+) and referee. Its quite a time commitment with the training and extra meetings, so the team mom (and other volunteers) try to pick up the slack for the coach.

I am *not* team mom for U5 this year, but somehow I have been left in charge of snacks, banner, disseminating information about picture day and a few other things. I really don't mind. And honestly I don't want the pressure of being team mom, especially in a few short weeks when I will be in the hospital for a few days having our newest addition.

But imagine my shocks when our U5 coach, whose only responsibility is to show up for the game on time in uniform (neither of which he was doing) sent me an email telling me that my banner design had failed and that *I* was supposed to be responsible for the banner the rest of the season.

EXCUSE ME! Already, each and every week I manage to wrangle my family with 4 kids to each and every game, snacks, chairs, etc all while being VERY pregnant. I just don't see why its my responsibility to also lug the banner each week, especially when he is coming to the game with one child - not a toddler who is looking for an opportunity to engage fat-mommy in chase.

He went on to tell me that my snack choices (that had been pre-approved 5 weeks prior) were bad and that I needed to change them. I should *not* have oranges at any future games.

I could go on and on about the he said and she said. But it doesn't matter. A carefully worded email has explained to our coach that games do indeed need to start on time, the coach should be wearing his uniform at every game, and that I do snacks because I enjoy it. However, I am happy to give the responsibility back to each parent and we can rotate.

Every game since then has been a pleasure. The coach thanks me for bringing oranges to the games and appreciates my efforts as I waddle around the field dispensing snacks and collecting trash.

The good news is that I am that much more appreciative of the great coaches we have this year for U6 and U8 and have told them so numerous times. I see a great end-of-season gift in their future.

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